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Positively Inspired Community Outreach, Inc is a not-for-profit community outreach organization with a mission to provide
inspirations through personal enrichment workshops, training, and counseling services. This includes a range of clinical therapy
services to basic psychosocial counseling, life coaching, and mentoring. Our support groups as well as rehabilitation groups such as
our Skills through Sports after school teen group and Parent Bonding workshops provide a real life "realistic" approach to
interventions and skills that assist in positive thinking and living skills. Though our trained and qualified counselors and facilitators
provide a lucrative source for personal enrichment, we also strive to bring together other community organizations that have the same
mission To Inspire everyday individuals to find the Inspiration needed for a healthier and more positive lifestyle
and to stay away
from the vices of the world, such as bullying, low self-esteem, drug use, etc
. We want to Positively Inspire you...!

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Positively Inspired Community Outreach, Inc
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